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ClickFunnels Review: The Best or Overrated? (2022)


A Revenue Acceleration Platform, Breadcrumbs, notes 7 reasons behind low lead conversion rates. Wide funnels were identified as one of the biggest reasons behind this issue. This means that business widens their sales funnels so much that they don’t attract targeted customers. Rather a crowd of irrelevant leads gathers. 

This clearly indicates the importance of narrow and targeted funnels for the growth of businesses. With that being said, the first thing that pops up in anyone’s mind is: what’s a funnel and why is there so much debate around it?

So, a funnel is the sales process businesses take their visitors through to make them aware of their products or services. The end goal of this process is to turn their leads into loyal customers.

However, that’s easy said than done. Creating high-converting funnels is not an easy task. Companies hire big teams of designers and coders to create such funnels. So, obviously, it’s an expensive thing to do as well. 

Well, what if we tell you that there is a platform that helps you create your own marketing funnels that are high converting as well? Funnels that are as easy to create as creating a Facebook page. Exciting, right? 

That’s why today we’ll be reviewing one of the most popular marketing funnels-creating platforms: ClickFunnels. We’ll be doing an in-depth breakdown of its features, pros, and cons, and pricing. We will also see what makes ClickFunnels unique as compared to other similar platforms.

So, without wasting a second, let’s start with our detailed review of ClickFunnels.

What is ClickFunnels?

As we know, entrepreneurs are focused on turning their startups into big hits. For that, effective marketing campaigns are inevitable. Sales funnels are a good way to fuel the growth of businesses through campaigns. This is where ClickFunnels come into play. 

So, whether you have a small company or a big enterprise, you’ll have your funnels figured out with ClickFunnels with ease and convenience.  

Now, you might be thinking about what ClickFunnels exactly is.

Well, it’s the most popular marketing funnel software for businesses. It’s software that helps entrepreneurs and business persons to scale up their businesses by attracting leads that successfully convert into loyal customers. 

It’s an effective tool that’s not only concerned with selling your products and services but is focused on following up with new visitors as well. It’s not like a website where 

  • Who Is Russel Brunson?

Russel Brunson is the co-founder of ClickFunnels-the most popular software that creates high-converting sales funnels. Brunson launched the company in 2014 with his partner Todd Dickerson. Today the company has more than 1,00,000 active users. 

He is actively talking about his platform and guiding people through its use and benefits. He has a youtube channel as well where he is educating entrepreneurs not only about ClickFunnels but about other marketing tips and tricks as well. 

Who Is ClickFunnels Best For?

Here comes the main thing! Who is ClickFunnels for?

So, basically, it’s for all those entrepreneurs and business persons who want to grow their businesses and maximize their revenues. Well, everybody wants that, right? But, not everyone can do that because of the absence of the right plans and strategies. 

Now for every business to ramp up fast, two things are required: attracting leads and generating sales. Both the tasks seem simple but ain’t when it comes to actualizing them. Marketing funnels are a good solution, though. 

But, not every business allows investing in hiring coders and experts for building sales funnels. Well, ClickFunnels is the right choice for all those businesses. With it, creating marketing funnels has become quite a doable thing. 

All you need to have is simple know-how of the software and there you go. Your perfect marketing funnel is ready for collecting leads and converting them into sales. 

In short, ClickFunnels is a go-to solution for all types of businesses that actually want to sell their products and services and make money out of them. 

  • Main Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Choose ClickFunnels?

So, there are three main reasons that make ClickFunnels the first choice of entrepreneurs. These include:

  • Generate Leads

The first and foremost reason that compels entrepreneurs to buy click funnels is lead generation. We know how important it is to generate leads for your business. No leads mean no sales, which no business would ever want. 

So, ClickFunnels offers two funnel categories to generate high-converting leads. These include squeeze page funnels and application funnels. The first category deals with email and messenger leads while the second helps in generating longer-form application leads. 

  • Generate Sales

The second step after generating leads is sales generation. Entrepreneurs pick ClickFunnels over other such software because it successfully and effortlessly transforms the leads into sales 

ClickFunnels allows you to generate sales through three types of funnels. These include Tripwire, video sales letters, and product launch funnels. You can choose any one of them depending on your product or service type. For instance, if your product requires a little bit of explanation or demonstration to sell it, you should go for the video sales letter funnels. 

  • Run A Webinar/Event

Finally, if you think that an online event or your product awareness webinar is required, ClickFunnels will do that as well. You can run webinars for your business in two ways. In the webinar funnels, you have your webinar on a third-party app such as Zoom. In this type of funnel, ClickFunnels acts as a facilitator for you.  

Autowebinar funnels are the second type of funnels that allows you to run your entire webinar on ClickFunnels. Entrepreneurs find both these funnels really helpful in creating awareness about their products. 

Best Features Of ClickFunnels – Why It Stands Out From Crowd?

ClickFunnels comes with tons of features but the most loveable and exciting ones include ease of use, stunning templates, Clickfunnels’ integrations, A/B split testing, responsive support, and detailed analytics. 

Let’s have a look at these features one by one!

  • Ease Of Use – All Your Marketing In One Place

One of the main reasons why people choose ClickFunnels is its ease of use. Unlike other similar tools out there, ClickFunnels is easy to learn and implement.

Honestly, you don’t have to spend hours training yourself for getting started with it. In fact, even if you’re new to marketing and creating sales funnels, you will still manage to master it within minutes.

Additionally, ClickFunnel’s dashboard is user-friendly and intuitive. So, you don’t have to struggle with complex screens. Simply open the dashboard and create a funnel within minutes. 

  • Templates – High Converting & Customizable

ClickFunnels has plenty of pre-designed templates for creating funnels. ClcikFunnels claim that all of these templates have been tried and tested and have proven to be highly converting. All you have to do is to make simple changes as per your requirements and your funnel is ready. 

Also, it has a template store as well where you can pick any template of your choice. You can get your custom template design as well. These templates are so well-thought-out that anyone, even with basic knowledge of marketing and sales funnels, can use them easily. 

ClickFunnels gives you a lot of options in templates when it comes to funnels. So, that makes it easier for different businesses to incorporate these to get the maximum benefit out of them. 

  • ClickFunnels Integrations – Easy Integration With Other Apps

We are all well aware of the importance of integrations when it comes to any marketing or conversion platform. The good part about ClickFunnels is that it offers different types of integrations including email, SMS, and webinar integrations. 

In all these integrations, you get to access a number of platforms such as Shopify, MailChimp, Drip, and Convertkit among various others. All these integrations are easily accessible through ClickFunnel’s dashboard. So, that’s a huge win!

  • A/B Split Testing: Optimize Your Sales And Leads

Another exciting thing about ClickFunnels is that it allows you to do split testing or A/B testing. Now, first, let’s understand what a split test is. So, basically, it’s a conversion rate optimization technique that is used to multiply the conversion rates of web pages. 

ClickFunnels lets you do split testing to ensure that you have the most optimized solution for your business. This way, it saves you time and resources that would otherwise be wasted on irrelevant site traffic. 

So, if you optimize your sales funnel using ClickFunnels’ A/B testing, you will get only the relevant that converts. 

  • ClickFunnels Support: Quick And Responsive

We understand how crucial custom service is for any business. So, ClickFunnels has made it its top priority to offer world-class support services. 

It has quick and responsive support. You can chat with the support team 24/7. Also, ClickFunnels has a large database of documentation that pretty much covers your queries related to everything you need to know about sales funnels and how to successfully build them. 

Its help center is an all-encompassing one as it guides you through even the tiny details of funnel creation. All you need to do is type your query in the search bar of the help center and a long list of videos will show up. These videos are from the official youtube platform of ClickFunnels’ help center. 

  • Detailed Analytics: Conduct Sales Funnel Analysis

ClickFunnels also offers detailed analytics. Sales funnel analytics allows you to access your sales funnel data which is useful for sales funnel optimization. Through these detailed analytics, you identify the loopholes in your funnel and fix them. 

It’s an important feature for entrepreneurs because of its effectiveness. What if you create a sales funnel and don’t know where it needs optimization? To be honest, it is of no use to your business. 

ClickFunnels analytics keeps you updated about five key metrics related to your sales funnel. These include traffic, conversion rates, sales, revenue, and profit. In-depth knowledge about these areas helps you better understand how is your sales funnel performing and what can be done to optimize it further. 

ClickFunnels Pros and Cons – Is Clickfunnel Legit Or A Scam?

When it comes to any new tool, one has to consider a number of things before buying that. 

Every software or tool comes with its advantages and disadvantages. The same goes for ClickFunnels. While it offers its users a number of features for building their own marketing funnels, it has some loopholes too.

For deciding whether ClickFunnels is the right fit for your business or not, let’s first look at its good and bad points.

Pros: Reasons To Choose!

Let’s have a look at the pros of ClickFunnels:

  • It has a simple user interface, built to facilitate easy navigation
  • It saves your time by creating effective funnels within minutes
  • Its ready-to-use funnel templates are tested for high conversion
  • You can test the software for 14 days before actually making a decision to buy or not

Cons: Reasons To Avoid!

Overall, ClickFunnels is quite a useful tool for businesses. Its major cons include:

  • It’s a bit expensive 
  • It has only two pricing plans with a huge difference in price and features

ClickFunnels Pricing Overview: Is ClickFunnels worth your money?

If you don’t want to hire an entire team of designers and coders, ClickFunnels will do that for you. All you need to do is to pick up a package according to your business needs and ClickFunnels will take everything into its hands. 

It will provide you with ready-to-use templates for creating high-converting funnels and will save you time and resources. 

It offers two different plans with distinct features offered in each one of them. These include basic and platinum plans. 

Now, let’s have a look at the pricing structure of ClickFunnels plans!

  • Basic Plan

ClickFunnels’ basic plan costs you around $97 per month. It‘s a good plan for new businesses that can’t invest much into hiring a team of designers for generating sales funnels. It allows them to have as many as 20,000 monthly visits. 

So, it’s a good investment for startups and medium-sized brands that need quick results. If you want to generate a substantial amount of revenue for your business, try the basic plan at ClickFunnels. 

  • Platinum Plan

Second, comes the platinum plan which is way too much costly. It takes $297 per month out of your pocket. But, if you want targeted marketing strategies that can maintain demand and reliance on your products and services, this plan helps. 

It allows you to create unlimited funnels and pages. You can always start off with the basic plan and once you feel that ClickFunnels is benefiting our business, you can upgrade to the platinum plan. 

ClickFunnels Alternatives

It’s not that ClickFunnels is the only platform out there for creating high-converting marketing funnels. There are some alternatives as well.

Let’s check some of the alternatives to ClickFunnels!

1. Instapage

Instapage is a software focused on creating high-converting landing pages for businesses. While ClickFunnels is dedicated to creating sales funnels. Although both of them are aimed at turning potential customers into loyal buyers, your choice between both totally depends on your conversion goals.

As a sales funnel is a series of online steps for converting your leads into sales, it comes with multiple offers and CTAs. While on the other hand, a landing page focuses only on one offer and one CTA. 

So, if you have a single product or service, you don’t need a sales funnel for generating sales. Therefore, a simple landing page software would be sufficient for your business and the purpose is served exceptionally by Instapage. 

It’s an easy-to-use software with carefully curated ready-to-use landing page templates. Additionally, it offers around 120 integrations, which are way more than offered by ClickFunnels, with platforms like Shopify, Google Ads, Sumo, etc.

Also, Instapage is considerably cheaper than ClickFunnels. It has two plans. Its building plan costs you $149 per month while the converting plan is totally customizable as per your business requirements. 

2. LeadPages

Another alternative to ClickFunnels is Leadpages. It is also a conversion marketing platform like ClickFunnels. Leadpages, just like ClickFunnels, is an easy-to-use software with a simple drag-and-drop builder. 

Leadpages allow you to build websites, landing pages, pop-up forms, and alert bars. As far as integrations are concerned, Leadpages also enables integrations platforms like Zapier. 

Although, the choice between Leadpages and ClickFunnels pretty much depends on your requirements as an entrepreneur. Where Leadpages wins is the pricing. 

It offers two plans starting at $37 per month. The other plan costs $74 per month with a number of features. So, it’s way cheaper than ClickFunnels. 

You should definitely give Leadpages a try if you are a small business and want to be self-sustained in converting your leads into sales. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Let’s have a look at some of the FAQs related to ClickFunnels!

1. Are my funnels secure?

Yes, ClickFunnels makes sure that all your data is secure. So, being a ClickFunnels user, security would be the last thing you would worry about.  

2. Is There a Free ClickFunnels Plan?

Yes. ClickFunnels offers a free trial of 14 days. But at the time of signing up for the trial, you will have to enter all your bank account details and choose one of the two pricing plans for later use.

3. Can I host the pages myself?

No, you cannot host the pages as ClickFunnels is a hosted, “software-as-a-service” platform. This is to ensure that all your funnels are updated with new features as they show up. 

4. Do I have to pay for Clickfunnels updates?

No, all the updates of ClickFunnels are totally free of cost. They are covered in the fee of the package you sign up for. So, you’ll have to pay once. 

5. Is ClickFunnels an email service provider?

No, ClickFunnels is a sales funnel builder only. It does provide email automation services though. 

Conclusions – The Bottom Line!

Overall, ClickFunnels is one of the best solutions out there to help you ramp up your business through high-converting sales funnels. With its simple user interface, it’s easy to understand and navigate through.

You don’t need to worry about any hidden cost as well as its packages charge only what it asks for. 

Additionally, the platform offers great customer support, step-by-step guidance through videos, and extensive documentation. 

Moreover, when we tested ClickFunnels, we found out that it does offer a lot of useful features such as ease of use, ready-to-use templates, A/B split testing, etc. So, there is no doubt about its authenticity as a platform to create marketing funnels.

But, if we look at the package offers for businesses, we can see that it’s pretty expensive as compared to its competitors out there. 

Honestly, for small businesses, it might not be worth considering because they usually don’t have enough resources to pay for such expensive marketing solutions. On the other hand, large companies afford to invest heavy money in their sales funnels building. 

So, depending on how much money you want to invest in marketing funnels for generating sales, you should choose the right package.

In sum, ClickFunnels is definitely worth trying out. But, if you’re looking for something cheaper, you should check out other options. 


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