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Monday.com Review: Best Project Management Software


monday logoBest Project Management Software

Hello, and welcome my name is Daniel. And today we’re going to talk about the best project management tool in the business monday.com. Now let’s go look at how monday.com can help you manage project in your cloud. So you can set up your business up for success. modanay There are plenty of options available. If you are looking for project management software, and many of them are good services. We have Trello and it’s KanBan board. We have Asana and it’s many features or teamGantt and it’s awesome. Gant chart. monday web However, if you want something that has a bit of everything. And as well as ease of use with friendly pricing, you should check out monday.com. If you are in the market for a new project management software for your team or small business. Let’s start with the bottom line monday.com.



Isn’t cheap. It’s not expensive either thankfully, but the cost can rack up quite quick. 

There are four plans

  • Basic is $8 per user per month .
  • Standard is $10 per user per month. 
  • Pro is $16 per user per month.NOTE:
  • If you want to use the enterprise plan, you need to contact monday.com for a quote.
monday price

But looking at other providers, you can expect to pay half to twice as much for it.

So let’s say roughly 30 bucks for the sake of this post, all prices are on an annual basis.

They go up as much as a quarter if you choose to pay month to month.

Free Trial

Rather than throw your money away doing that or recommend you make use of the two week trial. It’s basically free. You don’t even need to enter your credit card details. And you can try out all features except for those included in the enterprise plan. monday web And if you can click on the link here to just sign up for the 14 day free trial. One more thing to note Is that the basic plan is well kind of useless. Its features are kind of weak and not really worth eight bucks.


Monday.com real value starts appearing with a standard plan. Which at $10 cost as much as Trello, and is slightly cheaper than Asana. The pro plan has probably the best value of all higher tier plans. It cost 60 bucks, but it offers advanced capabilities at a reduced price. Asana’s advanced plan costs $25, for example. So in short, the standard plan is good. The pro plan is better and great value. And now that we’ve determined that let’s see what your money actually buys. As we don’t want this video to go on for an hour. I’ll just quickly recap the features of the plan.

Basic Plan Features

The basic plan is well basic. You get the list and Kanban Views, forms, the ability to let people view your boards. And one dashboard and access to the mobile app. If we’re honest, Asana and Trello do this and more on their free plan. So we don’t really see any reason for people to sign up for the basic plan.

Standard Plan

Standard is where it gets really interesting. Your 10 bucks. Gets you everything in the basic plan, plus timeline and calendar views, which are vital. If you’re going to plan anything. The list and Kanban view, lets you put in the details and stages on a task. While these two will let you place them in time. The standard plan also gets you guest access automations for basic functions and integrations. With third party software, there are a lot of integrations to speak of. But the most popular include slack cloud storage, and even other project management software like Trello. And you can even import things from Trello and Asana and back into Monday.

Pro plan

What is even better is the pro plan. Which expands on these capabilities with a chart view. It that lets you determine which tasks are at what stage, and time tracking. That basically lets you see who is spending how much time on which tasks. It’s also super important, If you’re working with a lot of different people on different continents around the world. You can bring all this together and really have a good cost overview. I use this all the time, so that I can really know what is basically causing the most expense. And where I should maybe optimize a few things. It also ups your allowed amount of integrations and automations.

Enterprise Plan

The enterprise plan has even more goodies, but as they’re all aimed at larger corporations. We won’t go into them as most users wont need them. As we said before, the standard and pro plan are where it’s at.


The biggest strength of pro are time tracking and adding more integrations. But if you don’t really need either the standard plan should do you just fine. Whatever you go with, you get to work with one of the most pleasant interfaces out there. So let’s take a quick look at that. We really like navigating through monday.com. The main view is the list view, which lets you easily manipulate the content of tasks. You put them each in their sections to divide them up. Then click on the task to get a detailed look at everything you can do. From either the list or the details you can set due dates, task priority and all of that. It works very well and color coded for your convenience. The list view is great to manipulate tasks, but not great for overview. For that, You use either the KanBan board, which is good, but basic. Or the calendar or timeline use. The timeline works a bit like Gantt chart. While the calendar works like, well, it works like a calendar.

Final Words

It’s a great system and it works really well and very snappy. So there is no delay when you click a few items on the screen. Overall, monday.com is a great buy that offers a wide array of features at a decent price.

Plus. It’s super easy to use. And if you’re use to using Trello or Asana or any other free project management software. But now you’re looking to upgrade. I think you will feel just at home with the user interface. I really hope you found this review useful. If you wanna know more, well, make sure to click on the link below.

There’s also a link that you can check out and make use of the 14 day free trial.

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