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Review of Webull: Is It a Good Choice for beginners?


Webull is accessible on both desktop and mobile devices and offers users commission-free stock trades. Its app is praised for being genuinely good, and they also have a ton of research and analytics. Our Webull review will delve into the specifics of what makes this brokerage firm so great.

What Exactly Is Webull?

Webull has access to a wealth of data since it began as a research company, which enables it to provide its consumers with services that are knowledge- and information-driven.

It is an online broker with distinctive social features that is community-driven and mobile-focused. Webull itself has impressive capabilities, while the app is user-friendly and well-designed.

Users can also make free trades in stocks, ETFs, cryptocurrencies, and options.

However, it falls short in terms of analysis, trading tools, and support for education. Even so, it’s a cheap trading platform that’s great for learning about the market.


Stay with us as we learn a little bit more about the app. This Webull review will look at all the qualities and advantages that set it apart from other online trading platforms.


Utilizing Webull

Webull doesn’t require much effort or complexity to get started. The online stock broker makes every effort to make trading on the internet as simple as possible.


It can be quite overwhelming to buy or sell your first stocks, but this platform actually makes it quite easy. Webull brokerage is as simple as stock trading gets, whether you use it on a desktop or a mobile device.


Both options are created to appeal to more experienced traders while also being user-friendly for beginners.


You won’t likely get lost as you learn how to buy stocks because the interface is clear and simple to use.


Exploring the platform’s features and services will also help you understand what online trading is all about.


Making a Webull account is the first step in using the platform. You receive two free stocks worth up to $1,850 when you first sign up, and signing up is free.


Although the United States and China are Webull’s primary target markets, Canadian traders are also welcome. Unfortunately, residents of other nations cannot access it.


What Conditions Apply to Accounts?

If you want to sell or buy stocks online, you must be at least 18 years old. You will need to submit identification and residency proof to the platform.

Your Social Security Number, driver’s license, ID card, or passport are acceptable forms of identification. With the help of the Webull desktop platform, you can complete all of these tasks digitally and comfortably at home.

You can learn more about the platform’s features after creating an account. If you’re really motivated to start trading, there is no minimum deposit requirement for regular trading.


However, you need to have at least $2,000 in your account to engage in margin trading (more on this later).


Even though there isn’t much in the way of educational support, Webull paper trading at least allows you to learn how to trade.


It enables you to start trading stocks online without having to use real money. This way, you can learn the fundamentals without taking any risks.


What is tradeable?

You can trade more than 5,000 American stocks, ETFs, and digital currencies on Webull. Additionally, it provides access to IPOs and the ability to short sell shares.


Bonds, stock options, and mutual funds are not currently supported here, but they might be in the future.


How to Begin Investing

You are prepared to begin trading on Webull once you have opened an account and established your identity.


Either a cash account or a Webull margin account can be used to trade. With the latter, you are required to pay the full price for the securities you buy.


However, a margin account enables you to leverage your money and existing securities to purchase more securities.


You have $1 million to play with thanks to Webull’s paper trading. Although most of us don’t have this much money to trade stocks, it will help you get accustomed to buying and selling stocks online.


Make a watchlist once you’re more at ease with trading in real time. You can keep track of all the stocks you want to trade using this list.


We found that this feature is best for beginners, and other Webull reviews support our findings. It’s great for understanding how stock price volatility works.


Which Features Are Offered?

You can set up alerts to notify you when a stock reaches a certain price. Learning when to buy and sell your stocks using this is fantastic.


A market replay is another distinctive feature of the platform. You can watch video replays of stock chart time lapses using it. You get an understanding of the market from this feature that you won’t get from other stock market apps.


Similar to a personal Twitter feed is the Webull Community. You can join the group and post your ideas or seek advice from others. Users enjoy sharing their predictions.


Another option and feature offered by Webull is a stock screener with customizable filters and analysis tools. The latter, however, aren’t very thorough or sophisticated. They do not really offer much more than information on financial statement trends.


Webull falls short because it doesn’t provide banking services, expert advice, or a robo advisor option. With these features integrated, the platform would offer a thorough service that would be challenging to match.


Webull Customer Portal

The client portal is practical and comparatively simple to use. You can keep an eye on the stock market and your investments using the Webull app.


You can monitor currency exchange rates, market news, and your security information using the web-based tool.


You have all the tools you need to trade stocks with confidence.


What is the Platform’s Operation?

With the help of your watchlist and market replay, you can monitor the stock markets that are important to you.


You can get started building your stock portfolio as soon as you’ve decided which stock to trade.


Is Webull a Day Trading Platform?

Webull allows day trading, but there is a catch. In order to participate in this type of trading, you must have a margin account.


Before you can execute as many day trades as you want, your margin account must have more than $25,000.


Any balance below $25,000 will only allow you to execute three trades over the course of five business days.


This won’t matter to some investors, while it might seem like an unnecessary hassle to others.


Webull Fees

Webull trading fees will be the next topic of discussion in our review of this platform.


You don’t need to be wealthy to begin trading thanks to Webull’s no-commissions policy.


The charges you can anticipate when trading through Webull are listed below:



0 for stocks and ETFs

Options $0

Deposit for local wire transfers is $8.

withdrawal fee of $25

Direct deposit is free.

$14 deposited for international wire transfers

withdrawal fee of $45

App for Webull mobile

In this succinct review of the Webull stock app, we’ll examine how user-friendly it is and how many features it shares with the platform’s web and desktop versions.


The app is generally slick, user-friendly, and well-designed. The data and graphs are presented in a straightforward, understandable manner.


The platform’s various iterations are all similar to one another, making switching between them simple. Although it has more features than many of its rivals, it is missing some key trading tools.


Webull lags behind most of its rivals in terms of tools, but it’s still a fantastic app.


Customer Service at Webull

Unfortunately, Webull’s customer service has a bad reputation. The team can be contacted by phone, email, or through the online message center.


Users have complained that email responses are frequently delayed and that phone call support is slow and unsatisfactory.


However, the message center is your best option if you require assistance or guidance immediately and it operates flawlessly. Additionally, the Webull Community (located on the app) can be helpful because users are frequently willing to assist one another.


Webull Alternatives

A review of Webull would be incomplete without a comparison of the service to its rivals. Let’s examine Webull’s performance in comparison to other well-known and reliable stock trading platforms.


Webull vs. Robinhood

These two stock trading apps both have affordable prices and a mobile-friendly design. In general, beginners should start with Robinhood. It offers more investment options and support for education.


Webull, in contrast, offers a much superior mobile trading app than Robinhood does. See our side-by-side comparison of Webull and Robinhood for more information.


E*TRADE v. Webull

Many Webull reviews note that while E*TRADE is better for high net worth traders, Webull is designed for short-term traders. Despite the fact that traders with substantial funds can opt for short-term trading, E*TRADE provides them with more features.


With either platform, there is no minimum transaction amount necessary, and commission-free options are available. However, Webull’s mobile app is still better. It is more responsive and user-friendly.


Thinkorswim vs. Webull

Both Webull and thinkorswim have no account minimums or commission costs.


Webull is simple to use and appropriate for novice investors. Thinkorswim, in contrast, is more appropriate for traders with more experience.


Their apps are equally impressive, and they are both excellent for active trading. The free Webull stock offer, however, makes it distinctive.


Wrap up

Overall, Webull may not be the best stock trading platform out there, but it undoubtedly strives to be. Since it was only founded in 2017, there is still a lot of room for growth.


Webull has a great chance to surpass other online brokerages thanks to its zero commissions, lack of minimum account requirements, and dependable mobile app.



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