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ThriveCart Review: Is It The Best Shopping Cart For 2022?


High cart abandonment rates are a challenge for all types of products or service providers online. How taxing it is that you take your visitors all the way from the first step towards the last in your sales funnel just to find out in the end that they bounced back. 

Various studies have been made to identify key reasons behind higher rates of cart abandonment. 

One such study pointed out that 17 percent of visitors abandon carts because of the complex checkout process, and 24 percent because the website wanted them to create an account. Additionally, 16 percent abandoned the cart because they couldn’t calculate the total order cost up-front, and some 9 percent due to fewer payment methods options. 

With that being said, the real question arises what to do to minimize cart abandonment rates on your website? 

Well, what if we tell you that there is a platform that helps you create your own checkout pages that are high converting as well? Checkout pages that are as easy to create as creating a Facebook page. Exciting, right? 

That’s why today we’ll be reviewing one of the most well-known shopping cart platform solutions: ThriveCart. We’ll be digging deep into its features, pros, and cons, pricing, and alternatives. We will also see what makes ThriveCart unique as compared to other similar platforms available in the market.

So, without wasting a second, let’s get started with our detailed review of ThriveCart.

What is ThriveCart?

As we know, every business is aimed at turning its products into big hits. For that, effective checkout pages and sales funnels are inevitable. This is where ThriveCart comes into play. 

So, whether you have a small company or a big enterprise, you’ll have your checkout pages figured out with ThriveCart with ease and convenience.   

Now, you might be thinking about what ThriveCart exactly is.

Well, it’s the most popular online shopping cart solution. It’s software that helps entrepreneurs and business persons to scale up their businesses by creating high-converting checkout pages. A great tool to sell physical products, such as T-shirts or grocery items, etc, as well as digital ones such as digital courses or ebooks. 

This is an effective tool that’s not only concerned with selling your products but is focused on compelling your existing customers for adding more to their shopping carts while checking out. thriveCart claims to have helped entrepreneurs generate over $2 billion in sales.

  • Who is Josh Barlett?

Josh Barlett is the mastermind behind ThriveCart. the number one shopping cart solution for minimizing cart abandonment rates on your website. He was the one who came up with this whole idea of a shopping cart back in 2016. 

Who is ThriveCart Best For?

I have seen Many Businesses tired of their checkout page bounce rate and want to reduce abandoned carts. Also, it is a great deal for those who want to maximize conversion rates for their products.

Those who want to offer upsell or down-sell offers to their customers on their checkout pages. And want to add more to their sales. 

Additionally, for those who are just starting out with their business and aren’t really into coding stuff. ThriveCart is the best solution out there. 

I’ll put in simple words, ThriveCart is an all-in-one shopping cart solution. Its for every business that is determined to convert maximum leads into loyal customers. 

Best Features of ThriveCart – Why it’s the Best Shopping Cart for 2022?

ThriveCart has many features that make it the right choice for businesses out there. But the most loveable and exciting ones include 1-click bump offers. 1-click upsells easy online payments, intelligent business insights, and detailed stats, among others.

So, without any more delay, let’s look at all these features one by one!

  • 1-Click Bump Offer

A bump offer is a super exciting way of adding to your revenue. By just compelling your customers to make another purchase. After they have made one while they are still on the checkout page of your website.  But for that a high-converting checkout page is required that’s easy said than done. 

Another great things about ThriveCart is that it allows you to create your bump offer in just one click. All you need to do is create your product and start adding your bump products in the bump section. Once you’ve entered all the details for your bump product, it’s all set up for listing on your checkout page.  

  • 1-Click Upsells

Similarly, you can create upsells and downsells with one click as well. Once you are done with product creation, simply add products to the upsell of your checkout page. Upsells are a great way of boosting your revenue by giving similar options for the products your customers have purchased. 

But they can be a tough thing to create in the absence of handy software like ThriveCart. With this stunning platform, you can pretty easily create and customize your upsells and start enjoying sales boosts. 

Creating upsells is even more fun with ThriveCart. As you can copy your already created high-converting upsells designs for new products. So, you don’t have to create an upsell offer each time you create a product. 

  • Online Payments Made Easy

ThriveCart has your back covered when it comes to online payments. It allows you to create payment pages and lets you receive online payments across the globe. 

ThriveCart allows you to process a hassle-free way to process credit card transactions. It ensures that all your payments are secure and valid. It offers all the features required to process online payments and create invoices for orders. 

With its automatic recurring billing and multi-currency support. You can never go wrong with maximizing your sales and minimizing your cart abandonment rates. 

  • Intelligent Business Insights & Detailed Stats

Another good thing about ThriveCart is that it allows you to get detailed insights and statistics. This helps you do experiments with your products’ prices and check what’s actually working and what needs to be fixed. 

So, once you have created a product whether digital or physical. You can keep a track of how they are performing. You can even access their performance from two or three years back and compare the results. So, this pretty much helps you identify what’s the growth of your business and lets you fix the bumps. 

  • A/B Testing

Another exciting thing about ThriveCart is that it allows you to do A/B testing or split testing. Now, first, let’s understand what a split test is. So, basically, it’s a conversion rate optimization technique. That lets you do experimentation by creating multiple versions of the same webpage or checkout page. This helps you identify which version is performing better in terms of conversion rates. 

ThriveCart lets you do split testing to ensure that you have the most optimized solution for your business. This way, it saves you time and resources that would otherwise go in vain with high cart abandonment rates.  

So, if you use ThriveCart’s A/B testing, you can compare the performance of two checkout page designs. And lets you know which is the best performing cart. 

  • Intelligent Affiliate Management (Autopilot)

As with any business, if you don’t have enough traffic to generate substantial sales, it’s always better to take influencers on board. These influencers can then sell for you on their platforms as their followers trust their word of mouth. 

With ThriveCart, you can actually do that with ease and automation. How? Well, that’s simple. While you create a product or products, ThriveCart lets you set commission rates for your affiliates. 

It also allows you to set if you want to pay them in the form of a fixed fee. Or percentage over each product sold. So, you don’t have to worry about paying the influencers your hire. All of the payment sides are covered under ThriveCart

  • Powerful Sales Funnel Builder

So, a sales funnel is a great way of converting your leads into sales. Being a shopping cart platform, ThriveCart allows you to create powerful sales funnels. Now it does that in two ways. One, you can use any sales funnel builder. Such as ClickFunnels, and two, you can use ThriveCart’s built-in sales funnel builder. 

The second option is more simple and more cost-effective. It creates an entire sale funnel in front of you within minutes. All you need to do is create a product. And once you’ve saved your product settings, you can customize or create your sales funnel.

  • JV Contracts & Revenue Sharing

Another exciting thing about ThriveCart as an online shopping cart solution is that it takes care of your revenue sharing. This is a useful feature for those who hire affiliates to promote their products. Or have a joint venture or JV contract with one or more partners.  

ThriveCart makes that easy and convenient for you. So, if have affiliates on board it calculates and cuts their commission first before distributing the revenue between you and your partner. 

So, this saves you from any scams as well as from the headache of dividing revenue. Therefore, it’s a great feature that every online business should try. 

  • Sales Tax Calculator

Last but not least, ThriveCart has got your back covered in calculating sales tax on each order based on location and other variables that could affect tax rates. This saves you a lot of money and time that you would use to calculate sales tax calculations services. 

All of this is done via a third-party service similar to Taxamo. All you need to do is to enter your price options and ThriveCart will calculate the right amount of tax for each product. The tax is then added to the product price and will be shown on the checkout pages. And receipts for your customers.

So, once you create a product, you can simply check the sales tax calculation box shown there. 

ThriveCart Integrations

The good part about ThriveCart is that it offers integrations with a number of popular plugins such as payment processors, notification platforms, Zapier, membership platforms, and autoresponders. ThriveCart natively integrates with all these platforms. So, that’s a huge win!

So, depending upon your business requirements, you can set up the path of your integrations. For instance, once your buyers have made a purchase, they can access certain content that can be anything such as any course, membership level, or a URL of your website.   

Let’s dive into the integrations Thrivecart offer!

  • Payment Processors

With ThriveCart you get to integrate with a bunch of payment processors that make it easy for you to send and receive money. It allows you to integrate with Paypal, Stripe, and Authorize.net. It allows Google Pay and Apple Pay for payment purposes as well.

Not only this, you can access each payment method via multiple accounts. So, you don’t have to create more than one ThriveCart account for each processor. 

  • Zapier

Although Thrivecart natively integrates with a number of useful platforms, sometimes you to access such apps that aren’t available at ThriveCart. So, in that case, Zapier comes to the rescue. The best part about ThriveCart is that it integrates with Zapier. 

Through Zapier, ThriveCart can connect with thousands of well-known platforms that let you have a more automated work experience. All you need to do is to get started with Zapier inside your ThriveCart and it guides you through the process step-by-step. 

Now you can set up any specific ThriveCart trigger and choose your required app where you intend to see the action. Choose your required action such as a grant or revoke access to an offer. 

Each time, your set trigger happens in ThriveCart, your set action will happen in the app you integrate ThriveCart with via Zapier. So, it saves your time and money by and large and keeps the entire process based on a few clicks.   

  • Membership Platforms

ThriveCart also integrates with a number of membership platforms via native, third-party, and Zapier and API integrations. In its native integrations, ThriveCart lets you integrate natively with Member Mouse and Teachable, etc. 

In the third-party integration, a number of membership platforms integrate with ThriveCart from their end using ThriveCart’s API. 

So, with ThriveCart, you really get to access all the big membership platforms in one place with a click away. All of these platforms benefit your business by letting you keep your community engaged for the long term. You can boost your business by adding more focused value to your clients. 

  • Autoresponders

ThriveCart also allows you to integrate with autoresponders that help you keep a connection with your customers. Now, what are autoresponders? 

They basically are a sequence of automated emails that are sent to your subscribers based on a trigger event. Once they are set up, they run on automation. 

With ThriveCart you can integrate with a number of email marketing platforms such as Drip, HubSpot, ConvertKit, etc. Once you have defined behavior rules for different email lists and chosen the platform you want to run your email marketing, ThriveCart manages everything on its own. 

  • Notification Platforms

Once you’ve set up behavior rules for different triggers, you can use ThriveCart to send notifications to your dedicated platforms. These notifications can be sent based on various triggers such as successful payments and declined payments, cart abandonment, canceled subscriptions, etc. 

ThriveCart lets you do that in two ways i.e., SLACK and google sheets notification. So, once you connect your favorite notification platform with ThriveCart, it will automatically send customer information to it. 

Now we all know that customer data is everything for any business. With the data acquired through your notification platforms, you can create a more customized experience for your customers based on different triggers. 

ThriveCart Pros and Cons – Is ThriveCart Legit or a Scam?

For deciding whether ThriveCart is the perfect fit for your business or not, let’s first have a look at its pros and cons.  

Pros: Reasons to Choose!

Let’s have a quick look at the pros of ThriveCart:

  • ThriveCart’s dashboard is simple to use and easy to navigate through 
  • It’s super quick to actually build a sales funnel with ThriveCart’s drag and drop builder
  • You can copy and edit the already created sales funnels for new products as well
  • You only have to pay one time to get access lifetime access to the software 
  • It allows you to integrate with a lot of well-known platforms such as Zapier 
  • Quick and responsive support team
  • It allows payments via multiple payment processors within a single ThriveCart account

Cons: Reasons to Avoid!

Now, let’s get to know about some of the cons of ThriveCart:

  • It doesn’t allow you to try the software for free 
  • It doesn’t allow fancy page-building options as offered by other sales funnels builders such as ClickFunnels
  • Limited designs for check-out pages templates 

 ThriveCart Pricing Overview: How much Does ThriveCart Cost?

It offers two different plans i.e., standard and pro plan. In order to decide which plan suits your business requirements, let’s first see what’s offered in each plan.

  1. ThriveCart Standard Plan (One Time Payment) – $495

In its Standard Plan, ThriveCart lets you create unlimited checkout pages, high-convert funnels and carts, and responsive customer support among various other features. All of the features are accessible to you for a lifetime once you have made your one-time payment of $495. 

For startups that don’t have enough resources, even this one-time payment isn’t affordable. So, in the start, they can skip this shopping cart option. But, later on, when they start generating revenue, they can invest in this amazing online shopping cart solution to ramp up their business.  

  1. ThriveCart Pro Plan (One Time Payment) – $690

The Pro Plan costs you $690. It’s also a one-time payment plan so once you have paid for it, you get to access all the features of ThriveCart offered in this plan. So, in Pro Plan, you can benefit from all that is offered in the Standard Plan with some additional features. 

These include a powerful affiliate center, automatic sales tax collection, JV contracts, and custom domain name functionality among others. This is an amazing plan for all the businesses that are at their advanced stages and face issues like high cart abandonment rates. 

So, a lifetime investment in such software that gets you high-converting checkout pages is not a bad thing anyways. 

ThriveCart Alternative & Competitors

Each tool has some competitors or alternatives and ThriveCart is no exception to that. Although it has some cool features that really make it stand out from the rest of the pack, it’s never bad to look around for some alternatives. 

So, let’s have a look at some of these alternatives to ThriveCart!

  1. SamCart

Just like ThriveCart, SamCart is also an online shopping cart platform that lets you sell your products or services. 

One of the best things about SamCart is that allows you to try its features in its free trial while ThriveCart doesn’t allow a free trial at all. But at the same time, SamCart costs you between $59 and $299 each month depending on which package you choose among the available three. 

Additionally, SamCart’s checkout page designs are more modern as compared to ThriveCarts’s. Also, SamCart is more user-friendly. It comprises some of the integrations and payment options offered in ThriveCart. 

So, it really depends, on what you want in your online shopping cart so you can pick and use between both the carts accordingly. 

  1. PayKickstart

Another good alternative to ThriveCart is PayKickstart. It’s also aimed at ramping up your business via an online shopping cart. 

One of the key differences between PayKickstart and ThriveCart is that the former offers a free trial as well as monthly billing. So, it really gives an edge to PayKickstart because most businesses would want to try the software before actually paying for it. 

Additionally, PayKickstart comes with an android and IOS app as well which makes it handier to use. But at the same time, it only works with Canadian and American merchants. That’s not the case with ThriveCart as it accepts payments in over 20 currencies. 

Therefore, you can make a choice between both based on your business scope and requirement. 

  1. WooCommerce

Many of the businesses out there prefer WooCommerce to ThriveCart because it’s totally free to use via a WordPress account. 

It’s a great platform for setting up stores that list lots of products rather than just creating individual ebooks or digital courses. As WooCommerce is open-source, it offers plenty of customization options. 

Additionally, with WooCommerce, you can have built-in blogging for your business with WordPress. As most of the sites are built through WordPress nowadays, so it’s always better to have an online shopping cart or store on the same pattern. 

But, for WooCommerce, you need to be extra tech-savvy because it’s not that simple. So, if you run away from technology learning, don’t go for WooCommerce. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Is ThriveCart worth your money?

Yes, ThriveCart actually delivers for what it charges you. So, it’s definitely worth your money if you are not at entry level in your business because its packages are a bit expensive.  

  1. Does ThriveCart integrate with WordPress?

ThriveCart cannot be natively integrated with WordPress. But you can easily connect it with WordPress via Zapier.  

  1. Can I use ThriveCart on multiple websites?

No, you cannot use ThriveCart on multiple websites. Each ThriveCart account only allows you to use a single domain. 

  1. What is ThriveCart used for?

ThriveCart is an online shopping cart solution specifically used for reducing cart abandonment rates by creating high-converting checkout pages. 

  1. What type of Payment Processors are used by ThriveCart?

ThriveCart works very easily with three payment processors such as PayPal, Stripe, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Authorize.net. It allows the integration of multiple accounts for each processor, so you don’t have to make multiple ThriveCart accounts. 

  1. Does ThriveCart support Digital Sales Tax?

Yes, ThriveCart’s Pro version supports digital sales tax. It automatically calculates and charges the correct percentage of sales tax on the orders placed by your customers based on their geographic location. As a seller, you can actually let ThriveCart do that for you while creating a particular product.

Conclusion – The Bottom Line!

Overall, ThriveCart is one of the best solutions out there to help you ramp up your business through high-converting checkout pages. With its simple user interface, it’s easy to understand and navigate through.

It’s a great platform as it costs you one time allowing you lifetime access to all of its features.  You don’t need to worry about any hidden cost as well as its packages charge only what it asks for. 

Additionally, the platform offers great customer support, step-by-step guidance through videos, and extensive documentation. 

Moreover, when we tested ThriveCart, we found out that it does offer a lot of useful features such as 1-click bump offers, 1-click upsells easy online payments, intelligent business insights, and detailed stats, among others. 

One of the most exciting things about ThriveCart is the countless integrations it offers to its users for high-level automation.

As far as the packages are concerned, it might not be suitable for start-ups as it’s a bit expensive software. But given its stunning features that boost up the business fastly, it can be invested in. Thriving businesses or large enterprises, on the other hand, should definitely give it a try.

In sum, ThriveCart is definitely worth trying out. But, if you’re looking for something cheaper, you should check out other options. 

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